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Invaders from Mars (Doctor Who)

Doctor Who: Invaders from Mars - Mark Gatiss I wanted to like this, I truly did. There was quite a bit of fun dialogue. Orson Welles' reading of The War of the Worlds could have made for an excellent Who story, full of atmosphere and just a dash of horror.

This is not that story. Instead, Gatiss throws everything but the kitchen sink into the plot. It's as if he pulled out an encyclopedia and made a list. America in the 30's:

Gangsters? Check.
Nazis? Check.
Russians? Check.
Bad accents? Check.

Throw in some Martians-who-are-not Martians, a completely stereotypical villain, and mix.

McGann and Fisher do what they can, as always, with what they've got, but it just isn't enough to save the dismal plot.

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