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Neverland (Doctor Who)

Doctor Who: Neverland - Alan Barnes I fluctuated between giving this audio four or five stars. I decided on five, because, despite the occasional florid language (this is Doctor Who, after all, and we are talking about the Time Lords. A certain amount of hyperbole is allowed. ;) )the story really is amazing.

The results of Charley's continued existence come to a head, here. The brilliant thing is about the Doctor is, he never accepts defeat. It is also the worst thing about the Doctor. He is presented with a seemingly unsolvable problem: In order for Time to be protected, he must sacrifice his companion, a fact which Charley realizes and accepts. The Doctor, in typical fashion, finds a third option, through sheer bull-headedness and ingenuity.

Only, this third option comes with one heck of a consequence.

You can't be in Doctor Who fandom for more than five minutes without being spoiled for the fact that the Doctor is Zagreus. It's clear that Paul McGann was having a ball playing Evil!Eight, even in the few minutes we got of him at the end (could have done without the "I AM Zagreus!!" roar, though. The bits leading up to it were fantastic, though).

I'm curious to see what kind of villain Zagreus will be. My money's on a sly, insidious evil, rather than the bombastic kind favored by the likes of Davros. Only time (heh) will tell, I suppose.

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