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Dr Who Live 34 (DR WHO BIG FINISH)

Doctor Who: Live 34 - James Parsons I enjoyed this quite a lot. Sylvester McCoy and the rest of the cast were in fine form. The plot was intriguing and I liked the trick of telling the story through radio broadcasts. I would say, however, that the story didn't hit quite the right note with me.

Perhaps I just wasn't in the mood for a political tale. Given current events, I admit I'm not keen on a story which focuses on a corrupt government. All of the principles needed more to do, especially Hex.

That being said, Live 34 was much better executed than the similarly themed Fearmonger. Speaking of which, Live 34, while a much better play, does beg the question: "Haven't we been here before?" Is there something about the Seventh Doctor, in particular, that makes Big Finish sit up and say: "I know! Let's do a political thriller!"

I think I would have given Live 34 a full five stars if I had listened to it at another time. There is a lot to recommend it: Yaegar's abuse of the colonists is truly revolting, and, unlike in Fearmonger, I actually felt a sense of danger to Our Heroes. The story, in and of itself, was excellent.

I'm just anxious to hear a Seven Audio where he's /not/ toppling governments.

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