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Doctor Who: Blood of the Daleks, Part 1 - Steve Lyons I've been bouncing around the Big Finish lines for a while, listening to whatever takes my fancy. Blood of the Daleks is a two-part serial featuring the Eighth Doctor and his new companion, Lucie Miller. I debated on listening to the whole thing through, then giving my thoughts, but decided that, in true episodic fashion, I'd do a review for each part separately.

The story starts out with promise: The TARDIS lands on Red Rocket Rising, a desolate planet whose few human survivors are scattered, waiting either for rescue or destruction. Rescue does come, but it's in a dubious form, at best.

This story suffers from one major flaw: The Daleks simply aren't that frightening. Perhaps I would feel differently, had I grown up watching Who. As it is, I've only found them really effective in one serial, The Dalek Invasion of Earth, in which London has become a ghost town because of Dalek occupation.

Blood of the Daleks follows a familiar pattern:

1. The Daleks are seen as either benevolent, useful, or misguided by humanity

2. The Doctor tries to convince humanity that Daleks are really out to exterminate the population, which no one believes


3. The Daleks set out doing just that, thus requiring the Doctor to thwart the Dalek threat once again.

That being said, there is a lot to recommend this audio. All of the performers do an excellent job. Lucie Miller isn't as likable as Charley Pollard, but she comes with an interesting mystery and irritates the Doctor to no end, which is fun.

All of the other characters are well-drawn, and all have their own agendas, especially the escaped convict Asha, whose plans, when revealed, kick the story up a notch from "seen/heard it before" to "this could be interesting, if done right."

3/5 stars for solid characterization and an overall promising start to the Eight/Lucie line.

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