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Doctor Who: The Kingmaker - Nev Fountain I started The Kingmaker a while ago, and can't think why I haven't finished it before now. I really enjoy this Team TARDIS (Five/Peri/Erimem). Big Finish has managed to revive the historical in Doctor Who in a way that the series itself hasn't quite managed yet.

I continue to be pleased with the Peri and Erimem friendship and there were a lot of great lines between them in this audio. Erimem's wildly differing views on death are intriguing, yet make total sense for her character. I wonder if Erimem's beliefs (and the friction they cause in her friendship with Peri), will ever come up again?

If I have one qualm about this audio, it's that the two separate timelines (one with the Doctor, the other with Peri and Erimem two years prior) were difficult to follow. The whole story takes place over that two year span, with the companions finally 'catching up' to the Doctor. So, what did they do for two years? Surely they couldn't have been neck deep in conspiracy the whole time? How long did they work at the tavern? How long were they prisoners in the Tower of London? A better indication of the passage of time was needed.

Despite this, I'm still giving The Kingmaker five stars. It raises a lot of good questions regarding fate and free will, and the Doctor's role as a champion of time.

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